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Moded Code! Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZV7aW1X5kpsxo7oCunfU3mHxfqv7CmQPdJ-HR5BpdH1Z9Pnd3

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Moded Code!

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1Moded Code! Empty Moded Code! Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:14 pm


#Ashley's moded Calico
;Lets you turn your sawn offs into my coustom Calico
;Turn on and pick it befor you start your game, only you can see the change
;Made by Ashley aka irb_Evol
0x00841a98 0x696c6143
0x00841a9c 0x485f6f63
0x00841aa0 0x315f0045
0x00841aa4 0x05
0x00841aa8 0x696cc163
0x00841aac 0x732e6f63
0x00841ab0 0x73006c6b
0x00841ab4 0x00006c6b
0x00841ab8 0x4b485f47
0x00841abc 0x0038475f
0x00841ac0 0x4c005058
0x00841ac4 0x00444500
0x00841ac8 0x49525f47
0x00841acc 0x5f454c46
0x00841ad0 0x4f4c4552
0x00841ad4 0x00004441
0x00841ad8 0x796b6f74
0x00841adc 0x6763736f
0x00841ae0 0x61006570
0x00841ae4 0x00006472
0x00841ae8 0x5f706557
0x00841aec 0x6e657247
0x00841af0 0x6172465f
0x00841af4 0x00610067
0x00841af8 0x5f706500
0x00841afc 0x702e6266
0x00841b00 0x6c007261
0x00841b04 0x00726500
0x00841b08 0x70696c43
0x00841b0c 0x6669525f
0x00841b10 0x6500656c
0x00841b14 0x00726500
0x00841b18 0x4d535400
0x00841b1c 0x455f5741
0x00841b20 0x5f005058
0x00841b24 0x00505845
0x00841b28 0x02
0x00841b2c 0x00
0x00841b30 0x00
0x00841b34 0x00
0x00841b38 0xfd
0x00841b3c 0x02
0x00841b40 0x00
0x00841b44 0x00
0x00841b48 0x0a
0x00841b4c 0x14
0x00841b50 0x32
0x00841b54 0x96
0x00841b58 0x012c
0x00841b5c 0x48
0x00841b60 0x36
0x00841b64 0x24
0x00841b68 0x40800000
0x00841b6c 0x41000000
0x00841b70 0x41400000
0x00841b74 0x3fe66666
0x00841b78 0x03e8
0x00841b7c 0x01
0x00841b80 0x001300d4
0x00841b84 0x3f800000
0x00841b88 0x0a
0x00841b8c 0x02
0x00841b90 0x00
0x00841b94 0x01
0x00841b98 0x0a
0x00841b9c 0x07
0x00841ba0 0x00
0x00841ba4 0x00
0x00841ba8 0x00
0x00841bac 0x03
0x00841bb0 0x00
0x00841bb4 0x03
0x00841bb8 0x00
0x00841bbc 0x00
0x00841bc0 0x3f
0x00841bc4 0xd4
0x00841bc8 0x7a
0x00841bcc 0xe1
0x00841bd0 0x00
0x00841bd4 0x437a0000
0x00841bd8 0x74240000
0x00841bdc 0x00
0x00841be0 0x00
0x00841be4 0xdc
0x00841be8 0xa1
0x00841bec 0xc9
0x00841bf0 0x54
0x00841bf4 0x3fc00000
0x00841bf8 0x00
0x00841bfc 0x02
0x00841c00 0x3f800000
0x00841c04 0x41000000
0x00841c08 0x3f800000
0x00841c0c 0x02
0x00841c10 0x00
0x00841c14 0x00

#Cool Calicco HE
;use G17's
0x008354a4 0x696c6143
0x008354a8 0x395f6f63
0x008354ac 0x00003035
0x008354b0 0x00003000
0x008354b4 0x696c6163
0x008354b8 0x732e6f63
0x008354bc 0x2e006c6b
0x008354c0 0x006c6b73
0x008354c4 0x41425f47
0x008354c8 0x4f43494c
0x008354cc 0x3035395f
0x008354d0 0x00520000
0x008354d4 0x49525f47
0x008354d8 0x5f454c46
0x008354dc 0x4f4c4552
0x008354e0 0x00004441
0x008354e4 0x706f6300
0x008354e8 0x74735f65
0x008354ec 0x61646e61
0x008354f0 0x00006472
0x008354f4 0x5f00414e
0x008354f8 0x6e657247
0x008354fc 0x6172465f
0x00835500 0x00610067
0x00835504 0x5f706500
0x00835508 0x702e6266
0x0083550c 0x6c007261
0x00835510 0x7ffdfb00
0x00835514 0x74736950
0x00835518 0x66006c6f
0x0083551c 0x0000656c
0x00835520 0x7c915d00
0x00835524 0x52475f00
0x00835528 0x58454e45
0x0083552c 0x4e495f50
0x00835530 0x004e4943
0x00835534 0x03
0x00835544 0x85
0x00835548 0x01
0x00835550 0x08
0x00835554 0x0a
0x00835558 0x0e
0x0083555c 0x0d
0x00835560 0x41
0x00835564 0x012c
0x00835568 0x59
0x0083556c 0x3f
0x00835570 0x1c
0x00835574 0x3f8ccccd
0x00835578 0x40533333
0x0083557c 0x40b00000
0x00835580 0x406ccccd
0x00835584 0x01f4
0x00835588 0x01
0x0083558c 0x001300d4
0x00835590 0x40800000
0x00835594 0x32
0x00835598 0x01
0x008355ac 0x04
0x008355b0 0x01
0x008355b4 0x3c
0x008355b8 0x04
0x008355bc 0xffffffce
0x008355c0 0xffffffce
0x008355c4 0xffffffb5
0x008355c8 0x01
0x008355d4 0x3fco0000
0x008355dc 0x434a0000
0x008355e0 0x28480000
0x008355ec 0x96
0x008355f0 0x1a
0x008355f4 0x21
0x008355f8 0x06
0x008355fc 0x40000000
0x00835600 0x01
0x00835608 0x41b00000
0x0083560c 0x41b00000
0x00835624 0x01


Moded Code! 33cxhs10
Moded Code! Tumblr_lub8rjcpvB1qc577mo1_500

Damn Bro SCARY!!!

Moded Code! 122kc9u

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Hey Baby Shut The Fuck Up!!

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